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You’ll rarely perform the same task twice when driving from job to job. Having a functional Storage system is beneficial for any tradesman whether you’re an Electrician, Plumber, locksmith or service technician and understanding the importance of what you need for your specific work type is very important to us at Rolacase.

At RolaCase, our range of technician workbenches will help maintain an organised and efficient cargo work environment. Mounting a workbench in your cargo van or fleet vehicle will reduce wasted space and transform your van into a versatile work station or mobile office.

Our range of vehicle technician workbenches are made from a robust heavy gauge galvanised steel to provide a strengthened foundation that will support all applications. Our workbenches are powder coated with a heavy-duty hammered finish to resist any stretching or chipping that may occur throughout use.

Explore our collection of storage solutions such as cargo accessories, part organizer kits, drawer and cabinets, easy to pick Bin Packages and many more products to increase your fleet vehicles’ efficiency. For any further information on any of our products, please get in touch with our knowledgeable team.


What is the workbench made from?

At RolaCase, our range of technician workbenches are made from a selection of robust and durable materials that will see the strength of your bench last for years. All of our benches are designed, tested and manufactured by our in-house team of professional engineers with heavy gauge galvanised steel and powder coated with a heavy-duty hammered finish for added endurance.

What sort of vehicle is suitable for a workbench?

RolaCase Work benches can be installed into most van models such as Chevy Express, Ford Transit, Ram Promaster and Mercedes Sprinter. All our shelving systems are customisable and our specialised team of engineers and customer service members can help you find the right shelving system to suit your vehicle and trade needs such as Electrician, Service Technician, Plumber, Locksmith, Painter, Builder and Handyman.

If you want to find out if your vehicle can have a technician workbench installed, check out our vehicle configurator page to find van shelving products best suited to you or contact us at (857)3340300

How is a workbench mounted to a vehicle?

Our multipurpose Workbenches are suitable for Low, Medium, and High roof commercial vehicles and mounts within the 12-Series Start or Extension frame and 8 Series start or extension frame. Your workbench can be supported by your RolaCase Extension frame or along the width of your vehicle’s structural frame; this will depend on your individual needs.

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